Protect your home and garden from the harshest weather

Although we can’t rely on the British summer to bring us sunshine, that’s not to say you shouldn’t make the most of your time outside. We have a large range of tips and concepts and or ideas to make the most of your flower bed, in any weather conditions. Read more on the lists below!

You may Seek shelter under a shade of parasol or gazebo

gazebo designs, gazeboA number of our gazebos and parasols are wash proof, so there’s no need to run and seek shelter if the weather changes its fickle brain. perfect for defending your young kids. , they furthermore impede 90% or more UV emission, providing shelter throughout the sunny and not so sunny days. numerous parasols are portable and the RAMSÖ parasol can be adhered to numerous exterior and includes a handy tilt function.

Use water resistant solar lighting

Did you understand the SOLVINDEN solar driven garden lighting variety can be left out in the rain? This means you can establish your lights, let them ascribe in the meantime, and enjoy them when the climate advances. And there are no messy twisted cords or closes to concern about.

Buy weatherproof garden furnishings

rattan-garden-furnitureTired of sanding and re-staining your outdoor dining furnishings? Instead why not choose the FALSTER flower bed dining range. It has the attractive gaze of timber but is made from polystyrene artificial and a rust verification aluminium frame that can be left out in those summer showers – no need to re-stain or varnish.


Give your timber a little TLC

If you own beautiful timber flower bed furniture, like our ÄPPLARÖ sequence, its very simple to sustain its finish without a little tender adoring care. easily use a glazing decorate when you start to observe little signals of wear and tear – like hue alterations and little cracks. So simple, and your furnishings will express gratitude you for it.

Use defence with waterproof wrappings

MUSKÖ flower bed furnishings wrappings will defend your furnishings and barbeques from dirt and rust and adds years to their life span, so there’s no apologise that the BBQ isn’t ready. And you can securely shop away your flower bed cushions and textiles utilising the ÄPPLARÖ storage bench with MUSKÖ waterproof bag liner throughout those summer months. prepared and dry every time you want to use them.

Use easy-to-lay flower bed decking

wood decking

Bypass muddy puddles in the flower bed and mucky footprints through the dwelling by laying garden decking. PLATTA garden decking is easy-to-lay and a great way of upgrading your outdoor space. depart it out all summer long arrive rainfall or shine and when the cyclic weather drives you inside, it’s very simple to disassemble and store away. It is good to protect your decking against wear and tear by re-glazing it on a normal basis with VÅRDA glazing paint.

Useful Tips on Buying and Water Proofing Inflatable Hot Tubs

Getting the best inflatable hot tub takes a keen eye and there are some guiding factors that you should observe to get the very best out of your money. Different companies have different features for their water tubs which make it fun for you to choose features that will satisfy your spa luxury in your garden.


durable hot tubThe longevity of an inflatable hot tub is a consideration that should always come to mind when shopping. The outer part of the tub should be tough to prevent occurrence of leaks. The bottom of the hot tub should also be checked. Opt for designs with padded bottoms as they offer extra protection incase your tab accidentally lands on sticks or sharp stones.


portable hot tub

The ability to carry your inflatable tub should not be a hassle. If the tub is light enough when deflated, you can take it to picnics, parties, and holidays or anywhere else you would like to enjoy your little luxuries. Easy to carry tubs also allow you to shift them to different locations in your backyard and store them away in the winter season until the nest season of use.


dual capacity hot tubNote that hot tubs come in a variety of sizes. You can buy a dual capacity tub if you want to use it with your dear one. If you have a family of up to six, you will need quite a large tub to occupy your weight. Tubs for more than 2 persons are comfortable and allow you to feel free when socializing with your friends at your backyard party. A large inflatable tub makes an excellent pool for kids in hot weather as long as they don’t bounce a lot inside it.


hot tub with extrasAdditional features that come with inflatable hot tubs add more luxury to your relaxation and are cost cutting. You can check out for tubs that have discounted prices if you are on a tight budget. Some companies also include freebies like seat pads, heat retention mats, water chemicals, DVD and other good deals


Going for inflatable tubs with prolonged warranties has an advantage of saving you from losses that occur after a tub fails before the warranty is over. Avoid tubs that don’t have warranties if you want some guarantees just in case flaws occur with your newly bought tub.

Finally, it is advisable to check online reviews about what other consumers are saying about their experience with different inflatable hot tubs. From the reviews, you can make your own judgment about the quality and price of the tubs from different manufacturers.

Water Proofing

Its fairly simple to protect and water proof, the outside is fully water proof already but you can buy cheap inflatable hot tub covers here that keep it in great condition when not being used.

How to protect and water proof your bathroom

Bathrooms are the foremost wet locality in the dwelling and it is important that the bathroom is rightly waterproofed in alignment to decrease the risk of functional impairment occurring as a outcome of dampness, water leaks, or condensation.

waterproofing a Bathroom

Obligations for Waterproofing Bathrooms

  1. Waterproofing the full floor inside the wash recess
  2. At a minimum of 100mm over the hob or step down up on the bathroom floor should be waterproofed
  3. At a minimum 150mm up the partitions inside the wash partitions desires to be waterproofed
  4. The vertical bend between any two partitions in the shower desires to be waterproofed up to at least 1800mm high
  5. The whole bathing room floor desires to be waterproofed if it’s timber flooring, plywood or particleboard, or if it is above the ground floor of the dwelling

Although, to provide the best insurance against water impairment, it is a good idea to proceed after these smallest requirements and double-check that all of the partitions inside the wash recess are waterproofed as well as the whole bathing room floor. To get a visual on this, see these photographs of bathrooms by trade professionals.

Be cognizant furthermore that some councils will require that waterproofing be finished by permitted waterproofing applicators so you should check with your localized assembly before any waterproofing work is undertaken.

The method of Waterproofing

It is crucially important that when you undertake a bathing room renovation all the exterior within the bathing room are correctly made and primed. particularly of significance are any joins between the partition and floor, between the partitions themselves, and round any drains in the floor. double-check that the surfaces are smooth and free of any loose particles, which may sway the integrity of the waterproofing membrane.

A polyester reinforcement mat should be fit into all the interior corners of the shower recess, such as the junctions between the wall and floor, the hob and the floor, and the corner formed by two partitions gathering.

The waterproofing membrane will then be applied to all exterior. Once the first coat has been applied, an hour or two will be required before the second outer garment can be directed. The second outer garment should be directed in a distinct main heading to the first – for demonstration, if the first outer garment was put on vertically, the second should be level.

Do not use the bathroom until the waterproofing has had a chance to completely cure – this can be as long as five days, depending on your climate.

Use a Shower Screen or risk damp in your bathroom

Shower ScreenWhile water is a natural and important part of your bathroom, it is important to ensure that water stays where it should be. If you do not ensure your water remains in shower, bath or sink areas, you run the risk of dampness occurring in your bathroom. Poorly ventilated bathrooms and bathrooms which are prone to condensation will also play a factor in the level of dampness in your bathroom but there are steps homeowners can take to ensure that their levels of dampness are at a low level.

Dampness can ruin the appearance of your bathroom, it can cause mould to appear around the wall and around tiles and it can even have a negative impact on your health. While the negative appearance of mould caused by dampness is the major reason that people should look to minimise the level of dampness in their bathroom, there is no doubt that the over-riding health risks associated with a damp bathroom should cause people to take action. Given that a considerable number of people use a shower as their primary source of cleaning, it is understandable that they look for solutions based around this usage.

A shower screen will lower the risk of dampness

One of the most effective ways to limit the level of dampness in your bathroom is to install a shower screen. This screen, commonly used in wet rooms, but becoming increasingly common in bathrooms, helps to ensure that all water provided by the shower stays in its self-contained area. This provides a considerable benefit when it comes to avoiding damp problems. There are benefits to be gained with respect to keeping your bathroom in good condition, ensuring your floor doesn’t become dangerous to being slippery. However, for many bathrooms, the ability to contain water in one place and preventing it spreading will have a positive impact with respect to reducing the likelihood of dampness.

You may also find that a shower screen will ensure that your towels or change of clothes stay dry as opposed to being affected by stray water exiting from your shower.


While there will be a natural amount of water and dampness in your bathroom, it is important to ensure it is contained in areas where it can drain away and not impact on other surfaces or your belongings. The addition of a bathroom shower screen available from is more than enough to drastically reduce the likelihood of dampness in many bathrooms.