Water Proof & Protect your Driveway | Keep the weather out!

DrivewayTake Note: The weather must be over 50°F and increasing, and dry for two directly days. delay 24 to 48 hours before going by car on repaired exterior – longer if humidity or dew is high. On warm days, dampen exterior before application. clear away puddles. Over-application of product may outcome in product not drying, premier to following, uneven color, or stink. Apply in the forenoon to get a full day’s drying time and warmer temperatures. Do not use on solid or on asphalt exterior less than six months. For better Water Proof guide continue reading below or click here for more info.


Pavement exterior should be swept clean of dust and loose pebble. eliminate grease and oil locations and scrub with an asphalt driveway cleaner or detergent.

Surface groundwork:

Repair little cracks, slender divides and little apertures up to 1/4″ with Henry #305 chink Filler. permit chink filler to dry at smallest 24-48 hours before applying driveway sealer. To fix larger cracks and for leveling, use Henry #308 chink fix. permit crack fix to therapy 24-48 hours before sealing or going by car on the fixed localities. Use Henry #304 vessel Hole Patch for apertures that are too large for Henry #308 Crack fix. Allow three weeks before closing over Pot aperture Patch. permit all fixes to therapy completely. Follow mark main headings.

Applying with brush side of squeegee:

Mix methodically, 5 to 10 minutes, with a wooden paddle until sealer is of glossy and consistent consistency. Try to request sealer early in the day to gain greatest benefit of daytime warmth for drying. Apply material with the brush edge of a squeegee.  Spread out surplus sealer on the exterior. Smooth out and eliminate ridges. Work in a 3 or 4 base area brushing in a traverse pattern, first one way then the other, so all pores are topped up. pursue consistent pattern for best emergence. Material may emerge dark, but dries-out-out to a wealthy, very dark hue. dries-out to feel in 4 hours.

Applying with heavy-duty decorate squirting gear:

Mix thoroughly, 5 to 10 minutes, with a wooden paddle until sealer is of glossy and uniform consistency. Try to apply sealer early in the day to gain greatest advantage of daytime heat for drying. Spray with a heavy-duty paint spraying gear conceived to handle high viscosity coatings. ascertain with squirt equipment constructor for suitability. Take proper precautions to avert over squirt into adjacent localities. Apply under usual ecological situation without thinning.